Information Technology and Infomation Security Consultants

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PCSS is looking for new talent to support its growth.  Our staff has grown by 33% within the last year.  All PCSS employees must be 100% committed to delivering the best product possible and must go the extra mile to ensure all products meet or exceed expectations.  PCSS employees are required to work within a Peer Partner Pair (PPP) to continuously critique each other’s work as part of the PCSS 1-2-3 Quality Program.   

If you are interested in working within a consulting firm that is committed to the betterment of its clients, employees, and the protecting Information Technology Infrastructure, then contact the Founder and Principal Consultant directly at

Joint Venture Opportunities

If you are a small IT or IT Security Consulting firm looking to partner with other like-minded firms to achieve greater success, we are interested in talking.  Contact the Founder and Principal Consultant directly at

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