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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

PCSS has over 30 years of experience conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.  These techniques are used to expose weaknesses at all infrastructure layers so that corrective action can be taken to harden the infrastructure.  PCSS uses automated tools to find the most common vulnerabilities and then manual techniques where needed to test areas based upon the experience and expertise of the testers.  

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing is planned and executed based upon the design of the Client’s infrastructure and the location(s) of sensitive information.  Multiple approaches are used to ensure that all avenues or potential access methods to sensitive data are tested.  Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing approaches include:

  • External Network
  • Internal Network
  • Modem – Dial-up
  • Web Application
  • Wireless Access

PCSS uses the data collected for the vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to make recommendations on how to harden the environment, and to educate IT support personnel on what actions to take in developing a vulnerability remediation program. 

Keeping an environment hardened and free from vulnerabilities is a moving target because the environment is continuously changing with new applications, operating systems, patches to the existing environment, and cyber attackers finding new vulnerabilities and applying new attack techniques.  To help Clients maintain hardened environments, PCSS provides ongoing support programs that allow Clients to have PCSS on retainer for ongoing support.  This is critical to meet laws and regulations such as HIPAA-HITECH.

Information Technology and Infomation Security Consultants

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