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Policies & Procedures

PCSS can help any organization with IT and IT Security related policies and procedures.  Our approach is to start with the Client's policies and procedures and build from there.  In some cases, the Client may have only a few policies and procedures and wants a comprehensive set.  In these situations, PCSS helps the Client design a framework for developing, managing, creating and updating policies and procedures, and then uses its extensive bank of policy and procedure templates for rapid development and deployment.    

PCSS recognizes that most organizations put policies and procedures in place for compliance reasons, so PCSS works with the organization to ensure that the policies and procedures are realistic and reflect Client practices.  Where new processes need to be implemented to meet regulatory requirements or best practices, PCSS can develop the policies and procedures and then help the Client with implementation. 

PCSS provides policies and procedures that meet the following regulatory requirements and standards:

  • NIST
  • ISO
  • ITIL
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