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PCSS has been implementing and accessing Cyber Security Programs based upon National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Special Publications since their inception and we find that almost all other IT Security Standards in the United States are based upon the comprehensive controls and practices within the NIST standard.  PCSS personnel have developed NIST compliant programs for DOE facilities such as the Savannah River Site and Oakridge National Laboratory.  NIST based programs have also been developed for Fortune 500 companies such as Washington Group International and URS.

PCSS also has experience assessing organizations to the ISO 27001 and 27002 standards, and routinely include cross references to ISO when developing IT Security Control Matrices for organizations that need to meet multiple control standards.  

Building a program to meet either of these standards is a large effort, and reaching compliance and certification can take months.  PCSS can partner with you to develop an implementation plan and support you in all or some of the focus areas where you may have scarce resources.  


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