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​Privacy Impact Analysis

PCSS provides a full range of Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) services for both government and private entities.


The E-Government Act of 2002 requires that all federal agencies conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for government programs and systems that collect personally identifiable information (PII) online. A PIA is an analysis of how PII is collected, used, shared, and maintained. The purpose of a PIA is to demonstrate that privacy protections have been consciously incorporated throughout the development life cycle of a system or program.

PCSS works with your organization, partner organizations, and with individuals affected by the collection of PII as required to reduce implementation risks, and to ensure corporate Goodwill. 

The PIA focuses on the following areas of inquiry.

  • Information Collection - Ensures only the PII needed is collected.
  • Information Use - Ensures that PII is used only for the intended purpose.
  • Information Retention - Ensures that information is only retained for the time needed or required.
  • Information Sharing (internal and external) - Ensures all sharing is identified and addressed in all other elements.
  • Notice - Ensures processes are in place for individual consent.
  • Individual Access, Redress, and Correction – Ensures that individuals have access if required and that a process is in place to data integrity.
  • Risks - Ensures risk of collecting, maintaining and disseminating PII are minimized.
  • Security - Identifies controls for protecting PII in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and best practices.
  • Technology - Ensures that the impact of technology in regards to risk and protection are understood and included in the system design.

Private Industry

Private industry should also conduct PIA’s due to the overall benefit and risk reduction to the organization.  In summary the benefits include:

  • Reduces overall project risk by ensuring that potential problems are identified early when addressing them is less costly.
  • Ensures that required PII protection laws and regulations are identified and addressed while meeting individual expectations of privacy.
  • Helps maintain company Goodwill with individuals.

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