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General Security

Article by PCSS's James Johnson - Distraction and Overreaction by Security Can Couse an Unwarranted Shutdown:


Article by PCSS's James Johnson - Does Cloud Computing Make My dental Office HIPAA Compliant?

White Hat Hackers Hit 12 American Hospitals To Prove Patient Life 'Extremely Vulnerable'

Advocate Health Hit with Record $5.5 Million HIPAA Penalty

The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, an “acute-care facility” located in Los Angeles, has had its computer systems compromised by hackers. The attackers are asking for 9,000 Bitcoin (approximately $3.6 million) in exchange for giving the hospital access to the systems again.

The cost for each HIPAA violation can be as much as $50,000 per violation and as much as $1,500,000 for repeat violations.  Read “The Cost of a HIPAA Violation After the Omnibus Final Rule” regarding penalties associated with HIPAA violations:

Top 10 Healthcare Data Breaches – 2015: Significant compromise of Personal Information is occurring within the healthcare industry.  Visit this link from HealthData Management to see a slideshow of the 10 Largest Healthcare Cyber Attacks of 2015.

Healthcare Data Breaches Highest Amongst All Industries: Read this article that provides statistics on the level of information loss within Healthcare.

Legal Firms

The following article, The Risk of Data Breaches In Law Firms, highlights liability associated with data braches at law firms.

It appears that the number of lawsuits associated with data breaches will be escalating.  Read “Did the 7th Circuit Just Ease the Way for Consumer Data Breach Lawsuits?” to find out more.

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