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Successful risk assessments and recommended controls require a proper balance!

Risk Assessments


Organizations in the public and private sectors are dependent upon information technology and systems to conduct business, and these systems, whether considered simple or complex, introduce risk into the organization.  The challenge is to limit the risks introduced into the organization while balancing the cost of security controls with the functionality needed.  Achieving the appropriate balance with the risk assessment requires professionals that understand the business and can develop workable solutions that incorporate the organization’s risk tolerance and security controls funding ability. 


While most security consultants focus on security risk, PCSS recognizes that to be meaningful to the business, risk assessments must include recommended solutions that are practical and incorporate "ease of use" for the business.  Each of PCSS’s staff members have over 25 years’ experience in business and security, and have the in-depth knowledge to complete a risk assessment that recommends controls that reduce the risk to your business, brings the business into compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, and allows prioritizing controls implementation to gain the most risk reduction and compliance per dollar spent.   

Risk Assessments are required by almost all security compliance programs.  PCSS likes to conduct the risk assessment simultaneously with a gap analysis using the required controls so that it gives the business a comprehensive view of what is needed to become compliant.

PCSS provides risk assessments on a standalone basis, but many times the risk assessment is incorporated into additional security services to ensure compliance with: HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, NIST and SOX.   

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