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Special Notice:  So you think that your IT has everything secure and you have nothing to worry about?  Our experience says otherwise and we want to prove it to you.  Let us test the security of your systems externally and if we cannot demonstrate security weaknesses you owe us nothing.  If we demonstrate security weaknesses then we can help you secure your systems and your data!  Either way you win.

Professional Office Security

PCSS provides comprehensive security services for professional offices of all types.  While we can tailor a program that best fits your needs, a typical engagement consists of the following:

  • Initial consultation where the business owner and PCSS’s Founder and Principal Consultant discusses the concerns, challenges, and problems that the Professional Office wants solved.  (No charge)
  • PCSS supplies a proposal that provides solutions specific for the Professional Office (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, etc.). Solutions in IT Security typically involve the following, but actual programs will be tailored to meet specific situations. 
    • Determine regulations, standards, and best practices that apply to the office.
    • Walk down of the office for physical security evaluation and inventory of computer systems.
    • Discuss systems configuration and external connections with the IT provider.
    • Review applications used to manage sensitive data, both localized and cloud.
    • Assess controls required for the office.
    • Perform technical evaluation to determine how secure systems are from external connections and to verify technical control compliance.
    • Provide report explaining any risks (how secure the data needing protection is) and recommendations to improve data security.
    • Awareness training for the office tailored as necessary to address discovered issues.
    • Security Program specific to the office.
  • Upon acceptance of a proposal PCSS works with the Professional Office to conduct the security evaluation recognizing that business comes first and that every effort needs to be made to prevent any disruption.
  • Upon completion of the assessment, PCSS meets with the Professional Office to explain the results and makes recommendations on a graded approach if improvements are needed.  
  • Additional services can be provided as necessary such as Security Awareness training or a comprehensive documented Professional Office Security Plan. 
  • Other ongoing security services can be provided as necessary to assist the Professional Office.

Information Technology and Infomation Security Consultants

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