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Another service we offer our government Clients is managing security audits.  Due to extensive audit experience, we can help prepare for an upcoming audit, manage the audit during the assessors' visit, and help take corrective action as necessary to mitigate or eliminate potential findings. 


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PCSS IT Security professionals have extensive experience in creating, implementing and evaluating compliance of government Cyber Security and Computer Security Programs.  We offer services at all levels of government including: Federal, State, County, and City.  The security standards vary widely for these entities but the origins of all of their standards are based upon the National Institute of Standards (NIST) Special Publications on Cyber Security.  PCSS conducts Security Assessments and Audits for government entities using the security standards and requirements identified as applicable by the entity while incorporating the relevant controls from multiple security standards and regulations such as: FISMA, NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Critical Security Controls, the Cyber Security Framework (CSF), and industry best practices.  Once the applicable security control framework is determined, the audit process normally involves performing a risk assessment, technical assessment, and a gap analysis based upon the control framework.  This concept also allows best industry practices from multiple verticals to be incorporated within an entity's protection schema.  

PCSS Provide Security Assessments of both City and County Governments.  Services include ensuring security for:

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