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Small Business

PCSS recognizes that there are many small businesses that have security concerns but do not have the resources to manage a large security program.  These include auto repair shops, travel agencies, and many others.  Now that hackers have implemented auto scanners, and can search millions of Internet connections for potential vulnerabilities that identify an easy target for break-in; your business may not go unnoticed and it is essential that your business take the basic steps to ensure that systems are secured to generally accepted security standards.  Many small businesses are relying on their information technology (IT) providers for security, but our experience shows that an independent check is needed to ensure that basic security configuration principles are applied to at least the business router (Internet connection) and the network's wireless access points.

PCSS has developed a specialized process where we can check the security configuration of your systems remotely, significantly reducing the costs of a security analysis.  This process includes a scan of your perimeter for vulnerabilities (Internet and wireless), a report that explains whether or not your systems are vulnerable, and what actions should be taken to correct deficiencies.  Remember, just because your systems are working does not mean they are secure.   

Contact PCSS today to learn more about our cost-effective security programs for Small-Business.  Also we welcome your IT Security questions that need an answer.  Direct line is 720-990-7556.

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