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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

I think that my business may have security concerns but I am not sure.  Who can I ask?

Ask PCSS.  We enjoy answering these types of questions do so on a quo bono basis.

Our business has been told we are going to audited for SOX.  I thought that is a financial audit so why are they asking about our computer systems? 

SOX is a financial audit but the integrity of financial statements now are dependent upon the control and integrity of computer systems.  Contact us and we can help you get started with answering the basic questions and assist you with a gap analysis and program to make sure you are ready for SOX.  We can help here so do not go it alone.

My company just lost our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and we need help managing our cyber security program and finding another CISO.  Who can help me? 

PCSS can provide a CISO temporarily, help you write the job description, and help select the best candidate.  Our clients get maximum value from this type of engagement since it is a great opportunity to evaluate their programs to make sure they are getting maximum protection for their investment.

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