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Professional Society Meetings

PCSS can provide presentations at professional society meeting in Denver and nationwide as a service and as a way of giving back to the community.  Security Awareness and Education is essential to everyone and is the first step in helping stop the ever increasing number of compromises.  Professional Consulting Services & Solutions presentations at professional society meeting is a free service when near a PCSS consultant. 

If there is a particular topic that you are interested in, or to schedule a presentation on one of the Topics listed below,
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Presentation Topics: 

IT Security Awareness – This presentation consists of highlights from PCSS’ Security Awareness Training.

HIPAA Rule Compliance – This presentation was developed for information security professionals at the Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference but has also been modified as an information presentation suitable for medical and dental professional with small to mid-sized practices.  It explores how small Healthcare Providers can meet all the HIPAA Rules: Privacy, Breach Notification, Enforcement and Security with a comprehensive implementation of the Security Rule and some knowledge from the other three rules.  Each rule will be explored and tips provided on what to incorporate in the Security Rule implementation.  Also included in this presentation is information regarding how HIPAA is impacting Covered Entities today.   The presentation leads well into an audience discussion regarding what is occurring in the field given OCR’s focus on audits and hackers being so relentless in the pursuit of EHR’s.   Learning objects for the presentation would include:

  • Understand the HIPAA Rules and associated timelines
  • Understand how to incorporate all HIPAA Rules into the Security Rule Implementation.
  • Appreciate that HIPAA controls are NIST based.
  • Have an appreciation of what is driving increased pressure for all sized organizations to reach compliance.
  • Gain knowledge as to what others are experiencing with HIPAA implementation and enforcement.

Medical Devices - This awareness presentation explores each type of medical device and that managing the vulnerabilities will be a focus in 2017 and beyond.  It is a matter of life and death.

Other Topics - By request.

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