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Physical Security

Physical Security Assessments (PSA’s) are conducted to ensure that sensitive information is properly protected whether it is hard copy or electronic form.  PCSS’s approach is very similar to the HIPAA Security Rule approach.  PSA’s are tailored to the need of the organization or project, and are typically included as part of an overall IT Security Risk Assessment. 

Some of the items evaluated in the Physical Security Assessment include:

  • Is access to areas with sensitive information controlled?
  • Are processes in place to lock up sensitive information when left unattended?
  • Are desks clean of sensitive information at the end of the day?
  • Are processes in place to shred sensitive hard copies when no longer needed?
  • Are hard copies and computer systems arranged to prevent casual access to sensitive information?
  • Review of physical security policies and procedures.
  • Review of how well policies and procedures are followed.
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