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Audit & Compliance

Professional Consulting Services & Solutions LLC (PCSS) provide a full range of services to help our Clients reach compliance with many of the laws and regulations associated with computer security and data protection.  PCSS's Compliance Assurance Program consists of conducting a comprehensive assessment of a business compared to the regulations and standards that it is required to meet, and then develop a plan of action and milestones necessary for the business to be in compliance.  PCSS has significant experience in conducting these gap analyses and the practical experience to help any business develop cost effective controls.

PCSS also assists organizations manage audits.  Managing an audit can be a full time job on top of your already busy schedule so PCSS provides a service of providing a trusted agent to manage all aspects of the audit.  The trusted agent will have the experience and knowledge to prepare for the audit, manage the audit activity, and take corrective action to minimize any potential findings.  

PCSS provides Audit and Compliance support of the following:

  • GLBA
  • NIST
  • SOX [SSAE 18 (SAS70), Type I & II] 
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