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IT Management Process

                                                                            Project Management Approach

PCSS uses its project management certification and extensive working knowledge of project management to drive each engagement to a successful conclusion.  Each project follows a standard control and accountability model while maintaining flexibility to align with the needs of and to maximize the client’s value.  Our Project Management Process is outlined below.

Project Manager

  • Ensure scope of work (SOW) is understood and that PCSS resources are assigned and aligned.
  • Single point of contact for client before, during, and after the engagement.
  • Proactive in notifying client of potential issues and quickly resolving any that may arise.
  • Reviewing and delivering project reports.

Principal Consultants

  • Perform tasks as specified in the SOW in the most professional manner.
  • Continually add value where recommendations can be made to improve IT and IT Security. 
  • Conduct Technical Assessments per industry best practices.
  • Prepare work papers per SOW requirements or generally recognized performance standards.
  • Provide periodic status reports and review with the Project Manager.
  • Coordinate continually to ensure that comprehensive assessments are conducted and plans created.
  • Work closely with the Project Manager to proactively notify client of potential issues and quickly resolve any that may arise.
  • Draft administrative and technical reports including plans and recommendations.

Client Project Manager

  • Point of contact for data calls.
  • Coordinate meetings between PCSS and client staff as needed.
  • Review and approve status reports and deliverables and make recommendations for value adds.

Status Reports

  • Will be issued periodically based upon activity levels and client need.
  • Highlight major work accomplished.
  • Discuss potential project issues or risks and provide suggested preventive actions.
  • Include change control items if a change in scope has been requested.
  • Ongoing and upcoming activities.
  • Summary of most critical findings.

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Project Management Consulting

PCSS utilizes its project management certifications and extensive working knowledge of project management to assist clients with establishing or improving their project management program.  We also use this knowledge to drive each of our engagements to successful conclusions.

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