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While all areas of Information Technology (IT) impact the security of the organization, we see repeatedly many of the same areas that require significant improvement to reach an effective and sustainable security program.  PCSS has extensive experience in many of these areas and has expanded our services to assist clients in implementing effective programs in many of these areas.  
Our IT Consulting Services are focused on the following areas:

Accounts Management – PCSS has extensive experience in creating effective accounts management programs. 
Change Management – PCSS can help your organization develop or improve a change management program.  We have implemented change management for Fortune 500 companies at both the domestic and international levels. 
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning – PCSS can help develop or evaluate the effectiveness of client disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure that your business continues to operate in times of crisis.  Don’t be the client that needs our help during the time of crisis and there is no plan in place.  Our experience shows that even items that seem insignificant can cause losses of $1M+ per day when a well designed plan could prevent or help mitigate the loss for pennies on the dollar.
Organization Maturity – PCSS can help access and mature your organization.  Signs of an immature organization include working extremely long hours but customers are frustrated with downtime, long response times, and have the overall impression it takes forever for IT to implement new technology.
Policies and Procedures - PCSS can help any IT organization design a framework for developing and managing, creating or updating existing policies and procedures.  We have an extensive bank of templates that can assist in rapidly developing policies and procedures to meet your organizational needs. 
Process Improvement – PCSS assists our clients in simplifying and improving processes that improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs.  To date we have saved our customers over $10M or on average 10% of processes analyzed and improved. 
Project Management – PCSS assists clients in managing projects whether a single project or establishing a comprehensive project management program based upon the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
Request for Proposals (RFP's)  - Many organizations know that they need help in the IT and IT Security space but do not have the expertise needed to develop an RFP, evaluate the responses, and to select the correct vendor.  Let PCSS help you through the process so that you get the right product and vendor each and every time. 

Security Consulting - PCSS can help ensure that your business information is protected and that proper controls are in place to meet the security regulations applicable to your business.  See our Security Servicespage for detailed security services. 

Strategic Planning – PCSS can lead your team through the IT Strategic Planning process and help you develop and maintain a three or five year plan that aligns with your business goals. 

 Contact PCSS for a free, confidential consultation.  We will help you either directly or by referring you to someone who can.  Initial consultations are free with no obligation.

Information Technology and Infomation Security Consultants

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