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Corporate Responsibility 

PCSS corporate responsibility begins with our leadership who is committed to doing what is right for clients, business partners, employees, the IT community, and the environment.  Here are some of the ways which PCSS implements corporate responsibility:

  • Encourages using electronic documents rather than paper. This speeds up delivery and reduces the waste associated with both ink and paper.
  • Encourages remote work when the same desired outcome can be achieved.  This reduces costs, the waste of time and energy resources commuting, and allows employees to have additional time with their families.
  • Encourages giving back to the profession through participating and providing leadership in professional societies and showing leadership through certification.
  • Giving back to the community by providing our services to non-profit charitable organizations. 
  • ​Encouraging and supporting continued IT security awareness and education.
  • ​Supporting the ethical use of new and advanced technologies.
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